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Naim Nait Pre/Power In/Out Phono/RCA Plugs Performance Cable

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Naim Nait Pre/Power In/Out Phono/RCA Plugs Performance Cable
This cable is used to join a Naim Nait integrated amplifier to an external processor or bass management system, where the processor is fitted with Phono/RCA input and output sockets.

This cable is used in place of the 'link plug' on the rear of the integrated amp.

Suitable Naim integrated amps include:-
Nait 5, Nait XS, Nait XS2

An easy-to-follow installation diagram is included with this cable.

The normal split on the phono/RCA end of this cable is 14cm approx. If the phono/RCA sockets are widely spaced on your equipment, then a 25cm approx. split can be selected by choosing the 'Long Split' option below the 'Cable Length' dropdown.

It features Performance cable which many customers say sounds better than Naim's own grey and black SNAIC cables.

This cable features ring locking DIN plugs, manufactured by Preh as fitted to original Naim cables.

The 4 pin DIN plug should not be connected to Quad equipment.

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