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2 x TRS 6.3mm Jacks - Quad 4 Pin DIN Plug 'Pseudo' Balanced Cable

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2 x TRS 6.3mm Jacks - Quad 4 Pin DIN Plug 'Pseudo' Balanced Cable
This Flashback Sales 'Pseudo balanced' cable can be used to join the balanced output of a source fitted with a 2 x 6.3mm (TRS) output jack sockets to a Quad power amp, fitted with a 4 pin DIN input socket.

Most domestic hi-fi equipment requires un-balanced audio

For the very best results when connecting a balanced source to an un-balanced amplifier, a passive or active box should be used to convert the balanced signal to an un-balanced signal properly. The boxes can be found at any good 'pro' audio store, such as Canford Audio.

In some situations, this cable offers a low cost alternative and may help to minimise ground loops.

Suitable Quad power amps include the :-
303, 405 or 405-2

The cable type is Performance Balanced.

The cable is wired TRS jack tip - signal input in DIN, TRS jack ring - screen of signal input in DIN. The screen of the cable runs its full length from the screen of the jack plug but is not connected to the DIN.

This cable features a DIN plug, manufactured by Preh.

The 4 pin DIN plug should not be connected to Naim equipment.

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