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2 x TRS 6.3mm Jacks - 2 x Phono/RCA Plugs 'Pseudo' Balanced Cable

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2 x TRS 6.3mm Jacks - 2 x Phono/RCA Plugs 'Pseudo' Balanced Cable
This Flashback Sales 'Pseudo balanced' cable can be used to join the balanced output of a source fitted with a 2 x 6.3mm (TRS) output jack sockets to a preamp or integrated amplifier, fitted with 2 x phono/RCA input sockets.

Most domestic hi-fi equipment requires un-balanced audio

For the very best results when connecting a balanced source to an un-balanced amplifier, a passive or active box should be used to convert the balanced signal to an un-balanced signal properly. The boxes can be found at any good 'pro' audio store, such as Canford Audio.

In some situations, this cable offers a low cost alternative and may help to minimise ground loops.

The cable type is Performance Balanced.

The cable is wired TRS jack tip - signal input Phono/RCA plug, TRS jack ring - screen of the phono/RCA plug. The screen of the cable runs its full length from the screen of the jack plug but is not connected to the phono/RCA plug.

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