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2 Pin Quad 33 Mains Outlet - Female IEC Plug Cable

Price: 19.99

2 Pin Quad 33 Mains Outlet - Female IEC Plug Cable
This cable can be used to join a 2 pole mains outlet socket on a Quad 33 to a FM4 tuner, Quad 405 or other item of hi-fi equipment that has an IEC mains input connector.

Back in the mid 1960's, when Quad designed the 33 pre-amp, hi-fi manufacturers often fitted 2 pole mains outlet sockets, usually switched on their equipment, that could be used to power other items in the hi-fi system

Using a 2 pole connector minimised any possible ground loop problems - ground being provided by the screen of the interconnect cable

Health & Safety Rules were much more relaxed than, but times have changed. Fitting such outlet sockets to hi-fi equipment was banned many years ago and the design of the 2 pole plugs has also been altered, to minimise the risk of the user accidently touching the pins as the plug is inserted or removed from the equipment

Under current Health & Safety legislation in the EU, cables fitted with the 2 pole plugs should not be used to carry mains voltages and indeed the best option is to remove any 2 pole sockets and replace them with modern 3 pole IEC connectors

But, as a service to Quad equipment users that still wish to use the 2 pole outlet sockets on the 33, the cables below are offered for sale

Quad UK Service do still supply these cables, but like the ones in this on-line store, they also have to remove the finger guard on the 2 pin plug body to ensure it fits into the restricted space surrounding the power sockets on the 33

Before connecting or dis-connecting the plugs, the equipment should be switched off and the mains plug removed from the wall and great care should be taken to ensure that the screen connection n the audio cable is present

Purchasers of these cables use them at their own risk

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